Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here's to the end of an era....

Okay, not really. But I am feeling a little bit dramatic right now. I finished a twelve hour shift today at the coffee shop (because I was a ninny and didn't check my schedule before I over-committed myself with two fellow employees!!!! argh!), my feet feel like they're about to fall right off, and I remember looking at the clock every hour or so the entire night last night. I'm obviously feeling sorry for myself right now! (haha) Actually, I'm just bone, bone tired. Second night in a row of not sleeping, and it's dragging on me. I need to pray. I haven't done that in awhile; I mean really, REALLY pray. Mouthing platitudes and saying grace at dinner are not the same.

I'm thankful as all get-out that this last quarter is over. It amazes me how I always tackle insane schedules, and yet usually come out smelling like roses. Of course, my body doesn't feel like it's a perfect spring flower right now, and I think I need to wake up and realize that I am, wholeheartedly, NOT in my early twenties anymore. It's funny, I realized today that in a few short months I will be thirty-two. Wow, when did THAT happen?? I really do remember turning thirty just the other day. At least, it feels like that. I remember the days in California when I was very very young seeming to just go so slowly, you could easily pick out this and that happening, like dust motes easily seen on a sunny day. But now, it seems as if life is FLYING by, like that ridiculous and slightly nauseating star-field screen saver on the computer. Sometimes, I feel dizzy just from the pace of things. Feeling dizzy from the pace of life means one thing: Time To Get On The Farm.

Speaking of "farm".... I started our first sets of onions, chives, bells, and lettuce a week or so ago. Maybe it was two weeks ago. I easily lose track, now. I'd have to go upstairs and look at the date written on them.
Anyways, I'm pleased as peas! The romaine and butterhead are going like gangbusters, and it's almost time for me to get them into their own space so they can start spreading their wings and root in somethin' fierce.

The other day Parke and I were driving back from Seattle (moving for him! eep) and I couldn't help this overwhelming feeling of needing to get my hands in the dirt. I watched all the hawks and the fields that we passed, and I commented to him that I absolutely cannot wait until we have a place where we can finally begin to hear the rhythm and timing of the land and get to know the animals that share that space. I know, I know, I sound like some goofball hippy. Well, I'm serious though. God gave us this earth to cherish and STEWARD, not to abuse and pass over. I don't know exactly where I got this deep urge to start planting and putting roots and reconnecting, but I know it started happening about five years ago when I began to realize the dire straits our country was headed towards. I've had friends laugh at me for my doom and gloom predictions, but my study of history has given me a very deep belief that the world we live in will not last beyond ten more years. I used to think about twenty, but things recently have begun to accelerate far faster than I had expected, and I have this overwhelming voice-in-the-back-of-my-heart urging me faster and faster, to get done and get land and get to growing. It first showed up in 2004, and it's only grown louder and louder.

Anyways, I need to end this jibber jabber and hit the hay. First day at my internship tomorrow! Need to rest up and be ready ready ready!