Saturday, November 15, 2008

God's Word

I am always struck by the importance of the messages that Alastair Begg delivers to us, daily.

"When slothfulness comes, dangers stand thick about us. Peter says, 'Our activity must be self-controlled and alert'".

"Standing firm in the faith. Victory in resisting the devil is not based on our personal tenacity. Rather it is upon the basis of the faith which is ours in Christ. In adhering to the work of Jesus upon the cross where he defeated the devil, and if you like, holding up that standard. Not our ability to hold IT, but our willingness to hold TO it. We resist him, firm in the faith, when we put on the helmet of salvation. So, when the devil comes and attacks us with doubts, we say, I know you're here to make me doubt, but Jesus died on the cross for me, and I am wearing the helmet of salvation, so BE GONE."

What an immensely powerful thing, to hear the Word of God, and to know It is Right.

It makes me consider the events of these past few weeks, and to wonder how I could have acted in order to help resolve issues. The one thing I keep coming back to is, perhaps these things were meant to happen the way they have, that perhaps ears are not open to hear, just as I did not, for years and years, content to react to everything and think that I was, of course, not at fault.

It was always easier for me to react to others, and not look within myself, to see that perhaps it was my actions that were at the root of the conflict. It was always easier to simply leave, without bothering to have a good sit-down and try to work things out. I behaved that way for the majority of my life, thus far. I have run away from relationships, school, my family, and my best friends, simply because it was far easier to cut losses and run, burn my bridges, than to turn and face and take the risk that perhaps things might work out, and perhaps they might not. Fear governs us all, and it's a terrible, terrible thing. To leave oneself open, to try again, to resolve conflict, it's difficult. I know what that is like, and I always ran from it.

But, I have indeed grown, immensely, in these last two years. I have learned what it is, to leave yourself open. It's painful, at times, and also incredibly rewarding. You simply have to TRUST, that all will be well, regardless of how it feels, right then. And if you absolutely have the best intentions at heart, and can communicate, and be willing to hear another side and to compromise, then all things do indeed work out the way they are meant to.

His plan is indeed infinite.

p.s. I just stumbled onto the information about Englishman John Newton, who coined the hymn "Amazing Grace". Here's some information on his life, and God's Amazing gift of GRACE to those who never ever deserved it, including ME.


  1. Thanks Michelle. I hear that you're heading out soon on mission. I'll be praying that you hear His Word stronger than ever, and that you are His Voice in the desert.