Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Billie Holiday "All of Me"...

Well, LOTS to report. Seriously! I just don't know where to even start!

My birthday BBQ on the 6th of June was a hit. I had good friends, good times, and good food, all mixed together! It was fantastic.

My turned in my notice to the coffee shop; August 31st will be my very last day of employment as a barista in Fairhaven. I am super-excited to start new adventures!

I pulled off a 4.0 gpa last quarter! Very proud of myself, yes I am! I thought the final for Family Law was going to kill me! And, the final prep for the Legal Interviewing & Investigating was rough, too. The third class was pretty fantastic: Law Office Procedures. Very informative!

I'm in the process of moving into a new domicile this week; very thrilled about that! Much closer to campus, and in a super-quiet neighborhood. And, good friends and good company, and lots of organic veggies growing in the backyard. What a treat!

And, I'm taking three legal classes this summer. I am a little panicked at the moment, simply because I'm still putting together my weekly calendars for the next 8 weeks. I have to have all of my ducks in a row when it comes to homework and classes and work. Without it, I can't see what's happening, and I'm liable to let stuff slide when it needs to be taken care of.

I'm one of those strange, strange people who absolutely requires a visual of my life. Without that visual to reference, I feel lost and overwhelmed. OCD much? Well, perhaps. I just might own that one.

The veggies have become DINOSAUR VEGGIES!!!!! I cannot believe how insane the plants are growing, seriously. The carrots are growing like crazy; the tomatoes are gargantuan, and if the zucchini doesn't stop growing it's going to take over the entire balcony. It's so dang full of life out there I am amazed the balcony doesn't collapse. Container gardening has been a hit so far! (Minus the radishes.) For my first adventure in radishes, I think I've learned quite a bit. We got one good stunner out of the three I attempted. So, less sun and less heat for those guys. I'll try again once I get settled into the new place.

And last but certainly not least, Parke and I went on a crazy spur-of-the-moment trip to Montana to visit the Montana LeClercqs. It was sooooooo fantastic. We're looking forward to going back at the end of August to help with the house. I'll be posting pictures as soon as I get some!

Here's to happy summers, and always being thankful for the Lord's Providence.

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