Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Using God as your Life Inspiration....

Today, I am full of hope and joy and grace-filled love.

I'm okay today, actually. It's kind of funny, but I had my itunes on random repeat last night, and somehow it popped onto a song I haven't ever heard... ever. And I was reading a book, and the lyrics caught my hind brain and I sat up straight and paid attention. It was great. I'll put the song/lyrics at the bottom of this so if you're interested, you can hear it...

Also, went to dinner with my friend last night and that was great. I was able to tell her that God always had her back, no matter what, even when she didn't feel like He did. I've been working on her for the past two months... and she's been going through some really rough times at work, a lot of uncertainty and a LOT of fear. So much fear, that she's jumpy over the slightest things, like she expects to be attacked at any moment. I've only seen this level of fear in abused children before... never in a woman who is ** and had an honestly good life, no abuse, etc... Anyways, God is moving, and it's very readily apparent in the lives of those around me, including my own!

Also, I had a pretty intense dream this morning that woke me up with this overwhelming feeling of... "you know what you think of doing is wrong, and you cannot do it if you ever have any hope of being an accountable Christian walking a True Walk with Christ who loves you more than ANYTHING." Basically the dream was all about a serious temptation in my life that I've turned away from deliberately for the last four years... and I think Satan has been whispering his sweet seductive nothings in my ear for the past two to three weeks...

Well, God spoke to me, and definitely laid it all out there in black and white. And I am grateful. And, it's not condemnation in any sort... it was a simple message and it made a world of difference.

In other news... my ridiculously-giant heritage beefsteak tomato is throwing some beautiful fist-sized tomatoes that are finally turning red... I'm so dang excited!

And, my cherry tomatoes, "Sweet 100s" are producing well!

The song is titled, "Better Things" and it is by a group called Massive Attack.

Don't drag me down
Just because you're down
And just cause you're blue
Don't make me too
And though you've found
You need more than me
Don't talk to me
About being free

That's freedom w...ithout love
And magic without love
Magic without love

Hear me say
Better things will surely come our way
Hear me say
Better things will surely come our way

You say the magic's gone
Well i'm not a magician
You say the spark's gone
Well get an electrician
And save your line about needing to be free
All that's bullshit babe
You just want rid of me

You want freedom without love
And magic without love
Magic without love

Hear me say
Better things will surely come my way
Hear me say
Better things will surely come my way

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