Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Essay Writing, Tallow/Lard Rendering, and God's Everlasting Word!

Do Not Be Conformed To This World

Big message in today's email from Truth For Life. Very timely. I'm writing an essay regarding the practical applications of non-conformist Christian living. It's a reference to the title of this blog, actually, and the idea came from the essay by Birkerts.

I'm transitioning over to not wearing jeans/pants anymore. I feel incredibly self-conscious in jeans and pants, and seeing how women are wearing their clothes lately is causing me to want to go in the exact and furthest opposite direction possible.

This is just a quick post for me to keep my mental place, so to speak, while I delve deeper into the essay writing. I'll be editing when classes are over today. Stay tuned.

Edited: 10/14/08 11:16pm...

Found this a little while ago. It's a posting regarding the dust up with Russian and Georgian forces, how the U.S. media is basically keeping all note-worthy (and honest) news out of the spotlight, and what's really going on over there. Very good background information based on what I've learned in my own studies of Russian/Baltic history. Interesting perspective, as well.

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