Thursday, October 2, 2008

The First Post...

The title of the blog comes from an essay written by Sven Birkerts, titled "The Owl Has Flown". The essay came from the book titled The Gutenberg Elegies.

"Awed and intimidated by the availability of texts, faced with the all but impossible task of discriminating among them, the reader tends to move across surfaces, skimming, hastening from one site to the next without allowing the words to resonate inwardly".

The essay really moved me, and I've been considering leaving both myspace and iam for quite some time, as I use the sites only as an expository vault. Feeding my ego, perhaps, but I'm not inclined to look at the pretty pictures everyone has posted, nor am I interested in reading the latest gossip on "our celebrities" or see pictures of half nude women and men strutting across the screens in advertisements for finding a "sugar daddy/momma" for a mate. Truly, not what I am interested in.

A friend moved to this blogsite, and shortly thereafter, another friend left iam, and declared that in doing so, she was leaving behind good friends, but that the call of the Lord should not be sullied with the template/medium of delivery.

Good choice, I think.

And so. Here it is.

Proverbs 3
Exhortations to Seek Wisdom and Walk with the Lord 1
3:1 My child, 2 do not forget my teaching,
but let your heart keep 3 my commandments,
3:2 for they will provide 4 a long and full life, 5
and they will add well-being 6 to you.
3:3 Do not let truth and mercy 7 leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart. 8
3:4 Then you will find 9 favor and good understanding, 10
in the sight of God and people. 11
3:5 Trust 12 in the Lord with all your heart, 13
and do not rely 14 on your own understanding. 15
3:6 Acknowledge 16 him in all your ways, 17
and he will make your paths straight. 18
3:7 Do not be wise in your own estimation; 19
fear the Lord and turn away from evil. 20
3:8 This will bring 21 healing to your body, 22
and refreshment 23 to your inner self. 24
3:9 Honor 25 the Lord from your wealth
and from the first fruits of all your crops; 26
3:10 then your barns will be filled completely, 27
and your vats 28 will overflow 29 with new wine.
3:11 My child, do not despise discipline from the Lord, 30
and do not loathe 31 his rebuke.
3:12 For the Lord disciplines 32 those he loves,
just as a father 33 disciplines 34 the son in whom he delights.

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  1. awesome post! I am adding you tomy blogroll. :-)