Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Mighty Comeuppance...

Today I had my head handed to me. Not in so many words, or actions, so to speak. But it was certainly an eye-opening experience. I am, apparently, a coward at heart. And, I make assumptions and then work myself up into a dither because of them... because of the FEAR I've created, in my own dang head.

Here's a little background info.

For this English class I'm taking, we had an assignment that required us to write a campaign ad. So, me being me, I did. I put out everything that I felt was the most important to me, and hit on everything from the bunk federal taxation situation to the fact that we're spending so much overseas in wars we have no business being in. I also threw a bunch of other stuff in there regarding fiat money, etc etc...
When it came time for class, however, I grew mightily alarmed when told that we were going to be "producing" and delivering these campaign ads. I mean, serious stage fright, and a big dose of I don't know what else. Anyways, I'm sitting there in this classroom full of people that I will reasonably never in my life talk to again, and I'm trembling, my palms are sweating, and I'm blushing and feeling incredibly sick to my stomach.

Why? Good darn question. I finally realized that I was honestly concerned about the opinion of the class! In particular, one person whom I assumed would be the first to snigger and denigrate what I'd written. I didn't want that to happen, and I was honestly AFRAID of someone's opinion regarding my political views. I take a very strong stance regarding some things, and I could not bear to have those views taken lightly, not right now, not when our country is poised on the eve of a huge embarkment into what I view as a morally wrong course.

Imagine my utter surprise and wonderment when, after having been granted relief by the professor (my ad didn't get 'produced'), I hear the wonderous words of Thomas Jefferson being spoken by one of the 'candidates,' directly referencing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

And after class, I just had to know who'd written that specific campaign ad.

Turns out, it was the guy I thought for sure would be the first to mock my own ideals and issues.

So here's a quick lesson for everyone: Be dang careful about what you assume, because apparently, assumptions are for everyone, and they're always WRONG.

p.s. Lew Rockwell, posting in The American Conservative writes that, ". . . we do have the freedom not to vote. No one has yet drafted us into the voting booth. I suggest that we exercise this right not to participate. It is one of the few rights we have left. Nonparticipation sends a message that we no longer believe in the racket they have cooked up for us, and we want no part of it."

It's an interesting argument, but one which I'm skeptical about. Not that I doubt that he has the right of it. Far from it, actually. Perhaps I'm just arrogant and egotistical enough to be able to say to anyone who asks, no, I did NOT vote for either one. I voted my conscience, and it was the morally responsible thing to do. I chose NOT to vote for evil.

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